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posted by [personal profile] togra at 10:18pm on 27/07/2016
Wow, I have not posted on here in a very long time. I am back with purpose though. I am going to use this platform to hold a few thoughts and experiences to help better judge a few decisions in my life that may come in the next year. I will give a brief update of my life.

Karly, my evil poodle, is still kicking and biting me as hard as ever. She has 5 brothers and sisters that I have inherited mostly not by my choice. Dapple and Riot, chi-weeneys, Jinx(rodegian ridge back), blitz(white and orange cat), and teemo(white and orange bunny).

Luna, my daughter, is 4 and will be 5 in January. I have been in my relationship since May 11, 2011. I have also since sold my semi-truck and hung up the keys on my driving career only to fall back on my IT abilities. This has since landed myself a position with Acosta Sales & Marketing as a Project Manager. I have been a home-owner for near 5 years.

This is a very concise summary of my last 6 years.

Hello Dreamwidth!
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posted by [personal profile] togra at 10:10pm on 20/06/2011
So, There are only a few people that actually read this or even can. I don't use this site much, but for a place to put a few thoughts and feelings it is going to work for now. No where else to place them.

I am going to be a dad.... again.... this time it's mine. I am happy for that. A little unplanned but whatever, I seem to be good at rolling with things in my life. However, at the same time, I'm not happy.

Oh yea, it was also so great to hear from most everybody I know say...rather the first thing they said was... is it yours??..... really???? Don't you think I thought about that.....

I have no family or friends around me. Well, some family, that I hardly know. My mom and brother, the only family I have had my entire life is no where near me. It was my choice to move to florida. I love it here. But, when my baby is born... He/she will not know my family. I do not make the money to go home and see them. Maybe one day I will, but for now, I don't.

When I'm in the hospital with my baby about to be born. I will be there alone. Her family will be there. So in essence, I fucked myself moving here but whatever. Such is life.

Currently, I drive over the road.... I have heard from a few people that I may just well have to stay here to support my family. Great, so not only do I get to deal with all the shit from my past, but I get to spend so many days away from what is finally my child. Nope, not some screwed up woman taking the kid from me when she wants, Get to do it to myself. Miss holidays, birthdays and whatever else. Well i say fuck that. Get rid of the damn car and live off the system like every other damn lazy ass person with 5 kids. This is bullshit. I do nothing but work and have been through hell. We all have in our own way. Well not anymore. I'm not staying out here to miss everything.

Every time I get to feeling happy about all this something brings it down. I'm already Scared shitless about alot of things. And none of them are things a first time dad should be scared of. So to the world I say FUCK IT I quit! Why try so hard to do whats right when you get screwed in one way or another.

Welcome to a day in my life. It gets better every moment.
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posted by [personal profile] togra at 11:25pm on 25/07/2010
Well, today I ventured off and met some new peoples. I found a meetup group "". Somebody posted they were holding a Munchkin game at their house and I said sure! LoL

Make this a short story, I was very nice in the first game and ended up being betrayed so brutally that words can not describe what happend. Second game, I played nice like the first. This time I saved up and waited, biding time. Then, SNAP, I layed everything I had. Dan, was level 5 with a lot of gear. 18 Efec LVL, And some bonus potions etc... HE was going to take the win, but wait! he's a warrior, and I had a special card for him! +10, then +5, and +5, I think he covered every curse word in the dictionary. It was hilarious. Meeting up again next sunday. There were only 3 of us but next time should be more. We played with 4 expansion. It was a good time. Now off to work tomorrow.

Soon I will unveil another website of mine, In the new HTML 5.0 fashion. With full w3c compliance on css and html 5.0 It will be awesome. However, I am no graphic artist, and My logo's etc... dont look great to me. But you all can be the judge of that. Night night
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posted by [personal profile] togra at 08:22pm on 07/07/2010
For about 2 months now, my right hand has been giving me issues. It started from the poor setup at my previous job. But as time has gone on and the consistent use of the computer, my hand is now in terrible shape. My beautiful gaming mouse my mom and dad gave me, has never cause problems for me. But alas, I can not even scroll the wheel with my index finger. I can barely push button 1! Thus when I'm fps gaming, needless to say, I'm easy. Now I have done some research and this mouse may do the trick!

That and giving a rest at my computer. Many things I use my right hand for have been complicated for some time now. Thanks to the awesome keyboard I have had for many years now, thanks to big brother, I have had no wrist problems. Regardless I must do something. So this I believe will be my next purchase. I have read great reviews for it.

Toodles for now. New job is doing ok.
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posted by [personal profile] togra at 09:52pm on 02/07/2010
Going to bed, exhausted from doing absolutely nothing. For the last 5 days I have been in orientation for a new job. I was offered the job and have taken it. No clue if it's the right choice but a man's got to eat, and my food bill is expensive. So here here to another turn in life and hold on for the roller coaster ride back down to steady work. I pray.

Next week I will be heading out for 4 or 5 days on the road training. Not that I need it. I know I'm smarter and more road worthy than most the dolts out there. No offense to any said dolts. But this is what I do; this is what I know. I'm a trucker and one of the damn good ones. And the bad part about that is, I know it! Wish I was this confident in everything.

I have to train for 2 weeks. 1 week out on the road and 1 week local. Then I receive my own truck. This position is for flat bedding. A very different kind of trucking. Labor intensive in the rain, sun, and snow....wait.. NO SNOW. THANK GOD!

Besides all that, Nothing much going on. Karly and I are saying many prayers for Trigger and his parents. Love to you all.
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Good afternoon!

It is Sunday! The one day off a week I get. It is such an anticipated day that is not nearly long enough. Well, I guess I'll give a little update to what has been going on in my life lately.

For starters, I have been applying for new jobs for quite some time now. The job I currently have, Bestwrench AutoCare, it's ok. But, I'm only making 12/hr. I work 52 to 60 hours a week, and have absolutely no benefits. My boss, Lee Dison, is a Napoleon Complexed know it all never can be wrong douchebag. Don't get me wrong, He can be hilarious as hell sometimes. But as a whole, he is rude, annoying, and a douchebag. He "owns" the business, however, his dad is the one who really runs it. So along with having no life, and being broke all the time, I must say that I really dislike my job. I have found another one though. Cypress Trucks, A company closer to my house. It would mean I would be driving semi again. Which I was trying to avoid. I would be considered a local driver. I would be home every Saturday and Sunday and most every night during the week. Karly can come to work with me again too. I would make about 300 more per week and get full benefits after 90 days. Medical, Vision, Dental, PTO, and 401k. I would be a "flat bedder". Hauling equipment and a range of different building materials. I will only travel Florida and southern Georgia. Orientation starts a week from Monday. 3 days long, usual trucking stuff. I haven't officially taken the job yet. I will go through orientation and make sure it is what I want to do. Then I will give notice to my current job. I pray it works out because I'm pretty miserable where I'm at. So is my baby girl.

Besides job hunting, I have been spending most of all my free time studying and taking practices tests for my A+. I purchased, CompTIA A+ Certification for dummies. I am very impressed with how well written and the amount of information that is in the book. Learning a lot more than I originally expected too. 1/4 way through the book and looking good! I will be attempting the test for the first time in the beginning of July. If all goes well with that, then I will continue on with Network +. Then I might delve into getting my MCSE in Windows 7, Server 2008?2009, and exchange server. Wish me luck and pray for my brain to work!

Besides all that, everything else is ok. The lights are still on and there is still Ramen Noodles and Mac'n'cheese in the cupboards. HaHaHa. Karly and I have inherited some stray kittens. We haven't taken them in the house but we put food and water out for them. Can't let the litter critters go hungry!

Well, until next time. - The MisFit Floridians.

Ryan - Karly
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Saturday morning, I received a very disturbing phone call. My brother, (Not my blood brother, Bobby, I grew up with him and have known him for some 20 years now I think. I have known his whole family for that long. Spent as much time with his family as I have my own. They are my family and I know each and everyone of them for all or the majority of their lives. All 11 of them. Ken and Yolanda, The parents. Then the kids in age order: Jacky, Carol, Bobby, Brendan, Joey, James, Meagan, Desi, Kenny Rae.)

Anyways, I get a call from bobby on saturday morning. He was crying hysterically, my heart stopped. I said,"Calm down, calm down, what's wrong?". At that moment, I heard something I never in my life could have expected. "Ryan, James is dead, James died a few hours ago!" I fell to my knees and stared at the ground. I was at work. I managed to ask him what happened. He calmed down slightly and told me that james had died at 130 AM in a car accident. A driver was trying to escape the police and hit The car James was in at 100+ MPH. He died instantly along with a friend named Tasha...

James had just turned 21 on the 27th of May. James was an outstanding tallented young man. My heart breaks for my family and for a brother I have lost. Someone I had spent many a night with playing games with and joking around with. I hadn't spent as much time with James the last few years of his life. I wish I had now. He was a very talented actor and musician. He could out sing a canary!

As I write this, a tear comes to my eye. It doesn't seem real, or possible. I have never lost somebody this close to me. Let alone so young. The wake is tomorrow and the funeral is wednesday. I will not be going due to over priced plane tickets. However, I will pray for them and do what I can from florida.

"One day your going to see your life flash before your eyes, Just make sure its worth looking at" James had one to be proud of. And he touched so many people. More than 100 people lit candles at a memorial where the crash happened. If you would like to read the details of the happenings follow the posted link.

James, You cross my mind every minute of the day, and I realize you are in a much better place. So maybe while you are up there, You can say a prayer for us down here, to understand and deal with the loss of you. For where you are you will know no misfortune or sadness. Thank you Lord for giving me the chance to be a part of the life of such a wonderful young man. And be with his family in this time of need.

I love you James.

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posted by [personal profile] togra at 11:24pm on 19/05/2010
I like writing markup and CSS. And I would love to do more and learn more. Java, etc.. But I keep getting stuck! By graphics. LIke for my own website. I'm not a graphic artist. I can take images and use photoshop to create a few things. But I'm not an artistic person. I like designing sites and choosing colors, layouts, menu designs. I mean, I would love to learn graphic design, but I am not artist.

So what do I do? I would love to create a million different sites and learn more. But I get stuck every time on images and logo's. Any ideas? Until I can start school I have to keep going on my own. And what else should I learn? PHP, Joomla, Dreamweaver, etc... I know java is a must. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Well, There is no more anticipation! I have my car back and in working order I might add. However, I do not think Coggin Nissan At The Avenues ever wants to see me again. They pull my car up for me, and the first thing I do! Pop the hood and inspect. I could see the mechanic and service writer rolling their eyes. And of course I was in my work uniform. They also know I run a shop so they HAD to expect this.

Everything looks great! A new engine and a few other new parts. Car is running good and seems like they did an excellent job. But only time will tell. I will put it on a lift at work and do a full inspection once I get the time.

Besides all that. Life is going ok. I'm a little lonely though. Haven't made any friends yet and my cousins haven't exactly called to do anything. My uncles do go shoot darts with me most saturday's.

On another note, I am working on my website for Togra Technical Solutions. It should be up by the end of this week and hopefully I will start advertising next week. There is a lot of competition in the area but I feel I may do alright. I HOPE! I would love to work full time for myself. I hate making everyone else money. LOLZ

Anyways... That is all for now I guess. Karly is doing great. She hates being home alone so much. Poor girl is home for 60 to 70 hours every week right now with out me. :( I miss her. lol

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posted by [personal profile] togra at 09:59pm on 29/04/2010
My car is in the shop.... They are putting a new o2 sensor in it............... and a complete new engine.... WTF??? only has 25000 miles on it. Only 2 years old. THATS rediculous!!


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