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posted by [personal profile] togra at 11:09pm on 07/06/2010 under
Saturday morning, I received a very disturbing phone call. My brother, (Not my blood brother, Bobby, I grew up with him and have known him for some 20 years now I think. I have known his whole family for that long. Spent as much time with his family as I have my own. They are my family and I know each and everyone of them for all or the majority of their lives. All 11 of them. Ken and Yolanda, The parents. Then the kids in age order: Jacky, Carol, Bobby, Brendan, Joey, James, Meagan, Desi, Kenny Rae.)

Anyways, I get a call from bobby on saturday morning. He was crying hysterically, my heart stopped. I said,"Calm down, calm down, what's wrong?". At that moment, I heard something I never in my life could have expected. "Ryan, James is dead, James died a few hours ago!" I fell to my knees and stared at the ground. I was at work. I managed to ask him what happened. He calmed down slightly and told me that james had died at 130 AM in a car accident. A driver was trying to escape the police and hit The car James was in at 100+ MPH. He died instantly along with a friend named Tasha...

James had just turned 21 on the 27th of May. James was an outstanding tallented young man. My heart breaks for my family and for a brother I have lost. Someone I had spent many a night with playing games with and joking around with. I hadn't spent as much time with James the last few years of his life. I wish I had now. He was a very talented actor and musician. He could out sing a canary!

As I write this, a tear comes to my eye. It doesn't seem real, or possible. I have never lost somebody this close to me. Let alone so young. The wake is tomorrow and the funeral is wednesday. I will not be going due to over priced plane tickets. However, I will pray for them and do what I can from florida.

"One day your going to see your life flash before your eyes, Just make sure its worth looking at" James had one to be proud of. And he touched so many people. More than 100 people lit candles at a memorial where the crash happened. If you would like to read the details of the happenings follow the posted link.

James, You cross my mind every minute of the day, and I realize you are in a much better place. So maybe while you are up there, You can say a prayer for us down here, to understand and deal with the loss of you. For where you are you will know no misfortune or sadness. Thank you Lord for giving me the chance to be a part of the life of such a wonderful young man. And be with his family in this time of need.

I love you James.

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posted by [personal profile] nd_mom at 03:41am on 08/06/2010
My heart breaks for his family. Such a tremendous loss to the world. I know this has affected you tremendously son. You have been so close to this family. They have opened their home and thier hearts to you and made you one of the family. I pray for each and every person who is hurting from the loss of James. He is an angel in heaven now, looking down at all the love,knowing that his life was good and worthy of watching. Much love to you!!!!

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posted by [personal profile] zorkian at 06:30am on 08/06/2010
I'm so sorry, Ryan. I know it doesn't help, nothing I can say will help, but I will keep the Freestones, you, and everybody involved in my thoughts.


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