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Hey world, I'm still alive!

Good afternoon!

It is Sunday! The one day off a week I get. It is such an anticipated day that is not nearly long enough. Well, I guess I'll give a little update to what has been going on in my life lately.

For starters, I have been applying for new jobs for quite some time now. The job I currently have, Bestwrench AutoCare, it's ok. But, I'm only making 12/hr. I work 52 to 60 hours a week, and have absolutely no benefits. My boss, Lee Dison, is a Napoleon Complexed know it all never can be wrong douchebag. Don't get me wrong, He can be hilarious as hell sometimes. But as a whole, he is rude, annoying, and a douchebag. He "owns" the business, however, his dad is the one who really runs it. So along with having no life, and being broke all the time, I must say that I really dislike my job. I have found another one though. Cypress Trucks, A company closer to my house. It would mean I would be driving semi again. Which I was trying to avoid. I would be considered a local driver. I would be home every Saturday and Sunday and most every night during the week. Karly can come to work with me again too. I would make about 300 more per week and get full benefits after 90 days. Medical, Vision, Dental, PTO, and 401k. I would be a "flat bedder". Hauling equipment and a range of different building materials. I will only travel Florida and southern Georgia. Orientation starts a week from Monday. 3 days long, usual trucking stuff. I haven't officially taken the job yet. I will go through orientation and make sure it is what I want to do. Then I will give notice to my current job. I pray it works out because I'm pretty miserable where I'm at. So is my baby girl.

Besides job hunting, I have been spending most of all my free time studying and taking practices tests for my A+. I purchased, CompTIA A+ Certification for dummies. I am very impressed with how well written and the amount of information that is in the book. Learning a lot more than I originally expected too. 1/4 way through the book and looking good! I will be attempting the test for the first time in the beginning of July. If all goes well with that, then I will continue on with Network +. Then I might delve into getting my MCSE in Windows 7, Server 2008?2009, and exchange server. Wish me luck and pray for my brain to work!

Besides all that, everything else is ok. The lights are still on and there is still Ramen Noodles and Mac'n'cheese in the cupboards. HaHaHa. Karly and I have inherited some stray kittens. We haven't taken them in the house but we put food and water out for them. Can't let the litter critters go hungry!

Well, until next time. - The MisFit Floridians.

Ryan - Karly
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I tell you what, you sure do deserve a break. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!! You will find a job that pays a decent wage so you can make a living, yes you will!!!!